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Below you will find links, photos, and information about all of the vineyards that make up our wine portfolio.  Perhaps more important is our winemaking philosophy, which begins with sourcing prime fruit from exceptional vineyards. After more than 20 years in the industry, Jeff’s experience working with some of California’s top vineyards, including Rockpile Vineyard in the hills of Sonoma County, El Diablo Vineyard in the Russian River Valley, and Stagecoach Vineyard in Napa Valley, allows him to source only the finest fruit for Jeff Cohn Cellars. He prefers vineyards with steep rocky terrain, which produce distinctive fruit, resulting in wines with immense concentration and complexity.

Throughout the year it is a priority for Jeff to keep in close communication with his growers, enabling him to gain an enhanced understanding of each vineyard’s distinct profile and ultimately craft a wine the achieves both his own and the grower’s vision.

Alta Colina

In 2003, after an extensive search for the ideal location, Bob Tillman found the beautiful hilltop property onAdelaida Roadin Paso Robles that would become Alta Colina Vineyard. Nestled high in the rugged coast range mountains, Alta Colina Vineyard’s natural beauty soothes the spirit with its 360 degree vistas and calming seclusion.

Finding the incredible site and assembling the expert team were only the first steps in preparing the property for planting. First, the narrow...

Andis Vineyard

The Andis vineyard surrounding the winery was planted in 1978 and purchased from Don Potter in 2009. With the construction of the winery, parking lot, etc, there is now about 25 acres under vine. Most of the vineyard is Zinfandel with a couple of acres recently replanted to Barbera, Grenache and Malbec. All of the vines are head trained and dry farmed. Eventually the plan is to diversify the vineyard to supply more grape varietals.

Botticelli Vineyard

The Botticelli fruit comes from one of the highest elevation vineyards at 1,800 feet. This, combined with its rocky soils means the Botticelli fruit has everyting you might want in a wine. Typically the fruit results in a brawny but balanced wine that takes a few years to evolve and really begin to show its potential.


Grapes for this bottling come from different vineyards around the state. We source most of our fruit from Sonoma, Napa, Amador and Paso Robles.

Cassata Vineyard

The property has a rich history and was once known as "Rancho El Nido or The Nest”. The entire property is managed biodynamically so that future generations can enjoy a pure and simple refuge in this isolated valley.

In 1835 in order to settle this wilderness land of thenorthern territory calledAlta California, the Mexican government gave land grants to any and all who would take the chance to come and establish themselves in the area. So the word went out and many...

Dusi Vineyard

Old Vine Zinfandel from the Dusi vineyard near Paso Robles has long been recognized and prized. But there often seems to be some confusion about where these grapes come from, because there are, in fact, two famous Dusi Zinfandel vineyards near Paso Robles, owned by different branches of the same family.

Sylvester and Caterina Dusi settled in Paso Robles in the early twenties. They raised three sons (Guido, Dante, and Benito) on a Zinfandel vineyard in planted in 1924. Guido...

El Diablo Vineyard

Ulises Valdez planted the El Diablo Vineyard in 2008.  The site is located on a ridge off of Eastside Road serves as the eastern edge of the Russian River Valley Appellation.  The location of the site means that while each morning the vineyard is shrouded in fog by early afternoon the marine layer burns off and the vines are able to soak in several hours of warm sunlight.  Careful thought was put into both rootstock and clonal selection for the vineyard.  Row...

Hayne Vineyard

The wife a wealthy businessman, Sarah Esther Chase Bourn discovered the Napa Valley while visiting the area's spas in the late 1860's. But it was a tragedy that compelled her to create a vacation home in the valley. After the loss of a young son, Sarah persuaded her husband William Bowers Bourn to purchase the Madrono Estate, as it was known, on the southwestern edge of St. Helena.

With a strong will and determination Sarah...

Iron Hill Vineyard

Located at the base of the Maycamas Mountain range just east of downtown Sonoma, Iron Hill Vineyard is planted in an amphitheater style setting.  This vineyard is very small yielding less than 3 tons per year. 

Lancel Creek Vineyard

Planted on a beautiful rolling hillside near Occidental in 2002, Ulises Valdez took advantage of the different exposures and soil types to experiment with different clones of Pinot Noir. 

Landy Sweetwater Springs Vineyard

Planted onSt Petersclone on the majestic rolling hills overlooking theRussianRiverValley, the Landy hillside vineyards regally rise 1000 ft above the fog and are one of the highest elevations in this valley. The rocky red shale, the western sun, a steady growing season and the Jeff Cohn passion for the vineyards, crafts a Zinfandel with intense and evenly concentrated varietal characters.

Ripken Vineyard

Grape growing at the Ripken Vineyard focuses on maximizing flavors, reduced but adequate irrigation or non-irrigation, sunlight to the cluster, full ripeness for flavor, moderate size crops, adequate soil fertility and organic matter in soils. All this attention to detail leads to full flavored wines of good mineral content which are balance and enjoyable when released.

Rockpile Vineyard

Rockpile Vineyard is located at 2000' elevation in the coast range 25 miles to the west of Geyserville.  Owners Rod and Cathy Park found an old sheep ranch, without electrical power or water wells, dilapidated and full of decaying machinery, abandoned vehicles, bed springs and debris from squatters and poachers which seemed an unlikely spot.

But the rolling landscape, at the same elevation (2000 feet) and with the same soils as Rod’s previous vineyard, showed real...

Shake Ridge Vineyards

Shake Ridge's 46 acres of vineyards are nestled in the rugged, mountainous terrain. The nearest town is Sutter Creek, a bustling mining camp 100 years ago whose main street still looks like a set for a Western. Kraemer has even older ties to California; she's a descendant of the Yorba family, Spanish explorers who owned and developed land in Southern California in the 1770s.

Kraemer, 55, was raised in Southern California, where her father was a third-generation orange grower. One...

St Peter’s Church Vineyard

To the casual observer, these 7-acres of vines appear to be just another beautiful part of the landscape in a county where vineyards are plentiful.

As it turns out, St. Peter’s is one of only four churches in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Santa Rosa that have vineyards on their property. The others are located in Yountville,St. Helenaand, most recently, Gualala.

St. Peter’s, though, has the unique distinction of being the oldest vineyard on church property in...

Stagecoach Vineyard

This rugged terrain first made history in the 1800s, when the gentleman bandit Charles Earl Bowles, known as Black Bart, robbed the daily stagecoach that traveled over the hill from St. Helena toMonticello. Early German settlers discovered the well-drained soils and perfect growing conditions, and their grapes brought some of the highest prices in theNapaValley. Soon a nearby luxury mineral spa was attracting visitors fromSan Franciscoand beyond. But by the early 1900s the increased deer...