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Jeff Cohn Cellars

Peter’s wine career started at Franciscan in Napa. He worked there for a year and jumped on an opportunity at Ravenswood Winery in Sonoma. One of his fellow workers at Franciscan said “hey you’ll fit in over there”. After working at Ravenswood for 17 years they closed the tasting room when the brand was sold to Gallo. A friend texted me about an opportunity at Jeff Cohn Cellars. I told my friend that I was not interested. I had just started at Kunde and did not want to start interviewing again. I went for it anyway.

The job seemed perfect, sales, building a business and selling wine. The first interview went really well, they hired me on the spot. “I could not be happier, this is like a dream, I don’t want to wake up”.  When one door closes another one opens. The trick is finding that open door. I found mine! Our door is open to you, come in, try some of our tasty wines.

Peter in the Vineyard

Peter's down time includes biking. s