Jeff Cohn Cellars

2015 Rockpile Vineyard Syrah Haley

Named for my youngest daughter, and as she has grown and matured, so has the blocks of the vineyard.  Each are in their teenage years and both need guidance and direction.  Together they provide a true harmonious, textural experience both in flavors and aromas that are fresh, vibrant, deep and always intriguing, just like my daughter Haley.

(Max 6 bottles per customer)

Wine Specs

Rockpile Vineyard
16 mos.

Wine Profile

Deep, dark, intense and intriguing. with elegance and finesse.
At 2010 ft. elevation the 490 clone from these two vineyard blocks add different components, one produces elegance and finesse, the other provides intensity and depth. Together they are truly harmonious.
4 Barrels
In the summer of 2000, I started looking for a Syrah vineyard that would speak to me. After a 2 1/2 hour drive and three gates later, I arrived at the 2010 ft. elevation Rockpile Vineyard. Between the subtle slopes, and the rocky soils, I knew this was and is still the place for great Syrah! I feel all wines have personalities. Thus due to the fact that my youngest daughter is a touch stubborn and hard headed, and Rockpile is full of very hard rocks, my daughter Haley's name has adorned this wine from day one.