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Jeff Cohn Cellars

Rockpile Vineyard

Rockpile, Sonoma

“Syrah at high elevations and rocky soils are a match made in heaven.” - Jeff Cohn 

Jeff began working with the sustainably farmed Rockpile Vineyard over fourteen years ago. At 2010 ft. elevation, our vineyard sites that we source from are rocky, and stressed. This gives us amazing fruit to make our Rockpile Vineyard Syrah. With three clones of Syrah: Entav 470, Serine, and Chapoutier selections planted amongst the vineyards, we are able to reach different depths and profiles with each of our Rockpile wines.  
Elevation above the fog line, steep, rocky hills and average temperatures from 50-80˚ provide a wonderful growing season, allowing for full ripening. Soils from clay, loam, to granite quartz provide the wines with a strong mineral component. That along with the native yeast that Jeff isolated from Rockpile many years ago provides character that is uniquely Rockpile. Our total production of our Rockpile Series is 24 barrels.

            Rockpile Syrah Haley               

 100% Syrah, 20 year old vines, Entav 470 selection     
16 mos.  60% New French 228L & 350L Barrels    


Domaine des Chirats Syrah    

100% Syrah, 20 year old vines, Chapoutier selection  
16 mos.  30% New French 228L to 600L   


           So Serine Syrah                      

  100% Syrah, 15 year old vines, Serine selection            
16 mos.  100% New French 228L Barrels     

         Buffalo Hill Syrah                    

             100% Syrah, 20 year old vines, 470 selection                
16 mos.  100% New French 228L Barrels