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Jeff Cohn
September 28, 2017 | Jeff Cohn

A Tale of Two Vintages

A Tale of Two Vintages

2014: Was for me a very mellow growing year.  Yes we had the drought, but the vineyards seemed to be handling it.  The ripening season was very steady, with just a couple of heat spike that really did not seem to effect the ripening process.  What I can say about 14, is that the vintage produced wines that we more linear and focused.  the minerality of terroir of each vineyard made its presence known.  Initially these wines seemed backwards to me in the bottle, but with time they quickly opened up and are really very expressive.  This was one of my favorite vintages in the last 10 years.


2015: A whole other ball of wax.  Low yields, hot- and very fast.  One might be worried about hang time and physiological ripeness.  Not to fear.  We had an early bud break and thus we started earlier during this growing season.  The low yield in many vineyards actually provided for wines of more depth and richness.  I feel the 15 vintage will show better early on, but has the backbone for a very long aging curve.  

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Jeff Cohn


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