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Kathy Harshbarger
July 31, 2023 | Drink Wine | Kathy Harshbarger

Debunking Myths About Zinfandel

Ask ten people “What is Zinfandel?”, and you will get ten different answers.

In this episode, your host, Leslie Sbrocco will talk with five winemakers of the big names in the World of Zinfandel to give you their educated answers to that elusive question.

Click below to join Leslie for Episode One ... you will see a loveable expert on terrior in this installment: 

Watch more espisodes - check out Zinfandel Live!

Zinfandel Live

Your window into the world of Zinfandel, it’s history, its infamy and it’s deliciousness.  In each of six episodes, your host Leslie Sbrocco will introduce you to some of the big players in California Zinfandel: including, winery founders, winemakers, wine aficionados and influencers.

Each lively, short episode is designed to give you new understanding of the sometimes misunderstood world of Zinfandel wine. Whether you are new to the Zinfandel family, or have enjoyed this versatile grape for many years, each episode of ZinLive is guaranteed to show you the Zinfinite Possibilities!  Join us every other month for a new episode, from July 2023- May 2024!

Grab a glass and get ready to watch, learn and experience the World of Zinfandel

Thanks to our friends at Zinfandel Advocates & Producers for their love of all things Zin and creating this series.


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