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Jeff Cohn
September 9, 2022 | Adventures in Far Away Places, Drink Wine | Jeff Cohn

The Heat and Humidity Tour 2022

Ramblin’ Man …

The beginning of a newsletter always seems to be the most challenging for me. There is so much that has happened since the last time I have written one. Then again, life continues to move on. What I like about writing these newsletters is that it gives me a chance to reflect and escape the madness of the world around me.

Although we are dealing with the long tail of Covid, I feel we are starting to see the world come back to some normalcy. Our tasting room has hosted guests from all over and I have done a bit of traveling myself to visit our distributors.

My trips this summer included New York, Boston, the entire state of Alabama (!), DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Southern California. Of course, the goal is to sell wine when on the road but also to explore and take in what each stop has to offer.

pizza-in-new-york-city jeff-selfie-in-times-square jeff-watches-a-nighttime-baseball-game-at-fenway-park-in-boston jeff-at-the-vienna-vinter-with-well-crafted-wine-and-beverage-distributor-team-members

New York was all about pizza and Katz’s Deli - I do love a pie and a great pastrami sandwich! Boston was all about Fenway Park where I saw my first Red Sox game, a true experience that everyone should have. At the game I had a hot dog, pretzel, peanuts, and a couple of beers – I had to have the full culinary experience!

I then went down south for my second trip to Alabama, and I will say the people in this state love their wine — thank you! On my trip to Maryland, I spent time with my sister whom I had not seen for almost 3 years! We went to Cantler’s in Annapolis where I had Blue Claw crabs — my favorite, and of course a stop at Middleton Tavern for beer — another favorite! I had an exhausting but great time zigzagging all over the ‘DMV’ and was happy to return home.

Talking about visits, we had the great fortune to have club members visit and they brought a couple of my older wines that I no longer produce. The 2011 Stagecoach Vineyard Cabernet from Napa Valley and a 2012 Lancel Creek Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley. And just because, I opened a 2004 Philary Syrah from Atlas Peak Napa Valley; all have aged incredibly well.

I Thought I Would Share My Notes from the Tasting

2012 Lancel Creek Pinot Noir

Fresh and vibrant nose with black cherry cola, cinnamon, and savory notes. A lush front and mid palate that was elegant and very complex, with flavors that echoed the aromas. A lengthy finish that made me think that although this wine was perfect now, it could go a least a five more years, but why wait? It was perfect now.

2011 Stagecoach Cabernet Sauvignon

So Pauillac in its aromatics. I loved the freshly cracked green peppercorns, pencil shavings (graphite) and just a touch of black cherry and black currants. A full palate that was layered and had great texture. Very giving and loaded with black currant hint green and red peppercorn and just a touch sweet black cherry. This wine was so pinpoint and truly the perfect time to open.

2004 Philary Syrah

As I have said many times before, my wines age well. This wine proves it for sure. Over the top aromatics of blackberry pie filling, black currants, roasted earth and Crème Brûlée explode from the glass. On the palate, this wine is as concentrated as any wine I have ever had. Flamboyant best describes it. Full bodied from the front of the palate to an incredibly long layered finish, that just seems to go on and on.

jeff-enjoys-three-bottles-of-library-wines-with-wine-club-membersin-the-tasting-room wine-club-members-with-jeff-in-the-tasting-room vineyard-team-member-picks-st-peters-church-zinfandel-in-september-2022 jeff-gets-ready-to-sort-the-cartee-vineyard-zinfandel-in-september-2022

Back at the Winery

I bottled the 2021 Two Guys • Two Barrels Stagecoach Viognier, 2021 Smoke & Mirrors and the 2021 Orcio Rinaldi Vineyard in mid-July. These 2021s are really tasting incredible, and I think everyone will really enjoy them when released. I will be bottling the remaining 2021 vintage wines in the spring. And here we are, my favorite time, harvest! It is in full swing but once it slows down, you will find me at the tasting room most Saturday afternoons.

New Kids on the Block

On that note, I want to introduce you to Doug Hanson, our Tasting Room Manager who joined our team in July. We are thrilled to have him, so please stop by the tasting room next time you are in Healdsburg to say hello and enjoy some wine. If you don’t live close by, he his always happy to assist you with your questions and wine purchases over the phone or via email.

Alexandra and I appreciate your continued support and hope you enjoy my wines with your family and friends.

~Half full,



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