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Jeff Cohn
August 30, 2016 | Jeff Cohn

Harvest Through My Eyes


Harvest started three weeks ago for Jeff Cohn Cellars.  That is, I started reviewing vineyards more closely for green drops and how the vineyards were handling our heat spikes. 

I can say all is well!!  In fact we brought in 6 tons of old vine Zinfandel from St. Peter’s Church that has gone through 5 days cold soak and is just starting to ferment. 

To add to the excitement we bottled yesterday- 2 Guys 2 Barrels Stagecoach Viognier, The First Date, Orcio, Smoke & Mirror and The Impostor!

Today we will receive Glaeser Syrah which will be used  in both Impostor and Smoke & Mirrors.  Vineyard visits this week will include El Diablo, Sweetwater Springs, Saitone, with a chance of Stagecoach. 

At the end of the week I will be looking at a new vineyard for us, the Rossi Ranch in Sonoma, managed by the talented Phil Coturri.  This will be a source for some old vine Zin, Grenache, and Mourvedre.  A lot of traveling will be involved but the rewards are amazing!

Harvest By the Numbers- 24/12/14/4/9

                24 Distinctly Unique Wines

                12 Grape Varietals

                14 Single Vineyards

                  4 Appellations

                  9 Sub Appellations







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