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Jeff Cohn
September 20, 2017 | Jeff Cohn

Harvest Update 2017

Welcome to the Craziest Harvest ever!

 During the past year we have been fortunate to have had rain! Yes, we had rain and rain and more rain. To the point that some have said we are no longer in a drought situation. That being said we are still conservative in our water usage. This deluge of rain, has allowed for a true cleansing of the soils and the best looking foliage, I have seen in many years.

During the last month, we went through the hottest weather conditions, I have ever been through. That includes the 4 years I lived in Miami Florida. Temps of 111 degrees were not unheard of. This left many to ponder the high sugar levels and the outrageous acid levels this created, so wineries did pick, while others such as Jeff Cohn Cellars, stayed the course and waited for the cooling trend to arrive.

This cooling trend has given us an opportunity to allow proper physiological ripening, instead of just spikes of sugar. As I look at the past dates of when fruit was picked, I truly feel we are now back to semi=normal.Although yields are lower do to this heat wave, I feel the quality is amazing.

We continue to make magic and stay the course.


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