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Jeff Cohn
October 17, 2018 | Jeff Cohn

Tsunami of Fruit!

After getting the St. Peters Church Zinfandel at the very beginning of September and a few days later, the Stagecoach Viognier for our Two Guys Two Barrels program, it’s been very quiet on the harvest front.

In the meantime, I have visited each vineyard at least 3-4 times during a period that we had cold weather, then rain, then warm weather and now a touch colder weather.  This has not only driven both Ben (my assistant winemaker) and me crazy in anticipation, but the calls from some of my growers asking when we plan to pick has added to it.  The answer is soon but the goal is always to achieve the flavor profile that make Jeff Cohn Cellars wines what they are.

After a little more then a month of waiting, we are finally bringing in fruit. This week (the 15th) we have brought in Rockpile So Serine, Buffalo Hill, Haley’s and Domaine des Chirats. This will be followed by Sweetwater Petite Sirah, Maggie’s Zinfandel (a vineyard I used to make at Rosenblum Cellars), El Diablo Grenache, then finally the Rinaldi and Iron Hill Zinfandel.  A great week of fruit for sure!

Next week will be Stagecoach Roussanne, Camp 4 Grenache Blanc, Rossi Zinfandel and Silver Eagle Syrah. This will leave the last fruit being the Zio Tony Syrah from Martinelli and our Rossi Ranch Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre maybe the last week of October, or even November!

While I am a little tired, I am very excited by the magic each vintage brings!

~Half Full




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