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Jeff Cohn
August 16, 2018 | Adventures in Far Away Places | Jeff Cohn

Marsanne Makes My Heart Sing!

As many of you know, I love the whites of the Northern Rhône. Nothing makes my heart pound more than an amazing Condrieu, a St. Joseph Blanc, a Croze-Hermitage or the big one, the elusive one, the one that takes me to the Rhône Tain-l'Hermitage itself...that right, a Hermitage Blanc! 
Yes, Guigal Ex Voto Blanc is amazing, and yes, a Chapoutier make the hairs on my arms stand, but for me, it's all about the magic of Chave Hermitage.
Its hard to put it in words why Chave is so magical, except that to me, it demonstrates how Marsanne and Roussanne grown in the right terrior, can make a wine, no more like an elixir, smell and taste as great as this wine does.
And so, it has been my goal for as long as I can remember, to one day make something that I felt best showed Marsanne and Roussanne. In 2016, all the stars aligned for me and we brought back Marsanne from the incredibly rocky soils of Stagecoach Vineyard. The last time we made this wine was in 2012, and trust me, this is a white that will for 20 years for sure.
To make 2016 vintage even better, I was able to bring in Roussanne also from the Stagecoach Vineyard. All that was left for me to do was believe that I could make magic happen.
I know Hermitage is Hermitage and I know the Mountains of Napa are the Mountains of Napa, but without a doubt, I feel this is one of the greatest examples of Marsanne that has been made in California. 85% Marsanne and 15% Roussanne.
You never know, until you taste it.

Humbly yours,

~Half Full
Jeff Cohn


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