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Jeff Cohn
April 27, 2020 | Drink Wine | Jeff Cohn

Time Is On My Side, Yes It Is!

As Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones have been singing since the 60’s, “Time is on my side”. I am sure at that point in the 60’s,The Rolling Stones were singing more about being young, living life to the fullest and just experiencing every day feeling there was plenty of time. Trust me, they were not singing about a pandemic and a total lock down.

Now that being said, as scary and crazy as this Pandemic has been, I’ve made some interesting observations I want to share with you.

1. Spending more time with family, for better or worse, has been an eye-opening experience. I do love my family, but I swear the house has become smaller each week we spend together. I mean, I haven’t gotten to that Jack Nicholson scene yet in The Shining (Here’s Johnny), but who knows….

2. Yes, our wine consumption has totally gone up. Now that my oldest daughter has joined up and is partaking at the dinner table, we are averaging between 1-2 bottles a night. This has given me a chance to crack open some older bottles of both mine and other producers so I recommend the same for you, because, well, what are you waiting for, the next Pandemic?

3. Many thanks to my winemaker friends, as it seems my wife and daughter are on a white wine kick. Calls have gone out to those who make great white wines and with a quick trade of ours for theirs, we have a nice collection to get us through the pandemic. I promise you my stash also has plenty of reds.

4. I’m a refrigerator magnet so to speak. I’ve always had trouble with the frig (my nickname for her), but we have definitely become much closer over this past month. I find myself looking in the frig numerous times a day, why I don’t have a clue, because it’s not like new food is just going to appear.

5. Exercise: I know this might be a dirty word for most, including myself. Remember # 4? Well this is why I need # 5. I try to keep the balance between # 4 and # 5. That way I can enjoy # 2. Honestly, I have been exercising (running and long walks with dog) and doing some meditation. I do these because of # 1.

6. Technology! There are days I love it and others I despise it. Life has become so crazy with technology. I feel we have created a disconnect with its use. We seem totally in touch, but in reality, totally out of touch with those nearest to us. The use of Zoom and Facetime during this Pandemic has opened us up to actually taking time out of our day to enjoy each other’s company, instead of just posting pictures of food we’re going to eat. Taking time for each other has been the silver lining for me during this time.  I think Mr. Rogers would approve.

In closing, it’s important to my family and employees that you know how important you are to our winery. We want to thank you all for being so supportive of Jeff Cohn Cellars. We strive to make wines that taste great, but also wines that create discussion. I hope, as you share our wines with family and friends, either at the dining table or virtually, that you continue to understand what it means to be in the present. We will get through this.

Join me for happy hour!  Fri-YAY 5/15/20 @ 3pm PT     

We’ll be exploring the 2016 Stagecoach Marsanne JD 93 Pts & the 2016 misc. stuff GSM blend JD 92 Pts Zoom happy hour link   

So grab your glass, invite your friends, and please share your photos on our social media pages. 

 ~Half Full,   Jeff


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