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Jeff Cohn
April 2, 2020 | Jeff Cohn

WHO Knew?

By now we’re sure the Coronavirus, and all its implications, is ruling your lives as much as it is ours. We wish you nothing but good health, patience and hope during this crazy period. Jeff returned from Boston on March 13 and went into self-isolation just to be safe. He’s fine and now unable to get his beard trimmed, so we’re going to see how long it gets during this crisis. We’ll keep you updated on social media. He tends to look like Moses when both his hair and beard get too long, so we guess it’s just in time to part the Red Sea!

During this time at home, Jeff has been calling our club members and either spoken to you or left a message to make sure you were staying home, being safe and healthy and not hoarding the toilet paper, eggs, or anything else which seems in high demand these days. WHO knew?

It appears Jeff has turned into our teenage daughter, now it is he who has his cell phone surgically attached to his hands. While we’ve seen the constant blast of news, we are amazed at some of the most creative, funniest, did someone really post that?, and let me forward THIS to you posts that help one forget for a couple of moments the state of our world.

In our house, we have always been a big proponent of the nightly family dinner around the table, where we linger long after the food is gone, taking the time to hear about everyone’s day or just have conversation in general. Perhaps over the last few weeks we have spent more time together as a family then we can remember, playing board games or watching a movie. Trust us, we have had our moments, it’s not always been easy, but we share this time together and lately a bottle or two.

It appears that both Alexandra and Isabel have taken a liking to whites and sparkling wines, leaving most of the reds for Jeff.  Ahhh, how we look forward to those times, hopefully in the not too distant future, when food and wine will bring us all together again. Talking about bringing people together, we are gearing up for some virtual tastings soon. We’re looking forward to sharing our wines with you, telling stories along the way, and maybe creating new ones. We’ll Tweet and post notices on our Instagram and Facebook pages to let you know the dates in advance. It should be an interesting experience, tasting the wine together virtually.

We want to thank you all for being so supportive of Jeff Cohn Cellars. Spend time with your loved ones, drink great wines, have amazing food and be in the present. We will get through this.

~Half Full,   Jeff


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